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The 2019 #60MOC program explores the concept of ‘Humanity’ . Our amazing speaker line up will be taking you through 11 challenging and thought provoking sessions design to get you thinking about the direction of humans.



2019 Humanity Themes


  • Employee and Employers
  • Machine Learning and Ai – what role will it take
  • The new Agile organisation for people – will it be better?
  • Conflict and growth as a way to spark us awake
  • Mindfulness and well-being imperatives – this is not a luxury
  • Diversity and strength in different humans

Paying it forward South Australia

We know you have a thirst for knowledge so we buy the coffee but in return we’d love a donation to the For Good Foundation. The #60MOC community has raised many dollars to help SA people who are escaping family violence.

Event Details

  • Start Time : 8am to 9am ACST
  • Location: ADELAIDE CBD
  • Cost: Free Event
  • Certificates provided

Free Certificate

Professional e-Certificate of Attendance will be issued to every participant.

‘The Year of Humanity – 60MOC 2019’

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'Tom Cruise and the psychological contract' - Feb 1st

The Psychological Contract and Tom Cruise

This session will examine the power of understanding the relationship we have with our workplace and what can be done to make this a thriving relationship.

'Fire, Conflict and the Evolution of Teamwork' - Mar 1st

Fire and Teams - Is it telling us something?

Join Vanessa North on March 1st as she shares the evolution of teamwork and challenges the concept that a team environment is the best approach.

'Hell hath no fury than like a stakeholder scorned!' - Apr 5th

Look after the stakeholders!

What happens to the stakeholder relationship when you don;t look after it? Pretty much like every relationship …

'The Human Being Agile' - May 3rd

The Agile Human Organisation

What does happen to the human experience as the opportunity to become more agile is offered to us?

'The power of mindfulness and wellbeing' - Jun 7th

Humans and Well Being

As we enter an era of reminiscing humanity we’re looking on the ancient art of mindfulness as a way to improve performance.

'How to Reap the Diversity Dividend' - Jul 5th

Our Diverse Humanity

How do you harness the energy that comes from diversity and turn it into something powerful and productive?

'Why the human next to you is the biggest threat to cyber security' - Aug 2nd

The Security Risk Human

The biggest threat to security is not some hacker far away in a foreign land – it is the person right next to you. Or maybe it is you!

'How will the team's of the future look and behave?' - Sep 6th

Augmented beasts and teams

Yes, you read it again didn’t you? But what will the beasts of the augmented world look like? How will we argue with a bot?

The Human Investment Index Revealed - Oct 4th

How much do we invest in people?

MCBI’s 2019 report ‘The Human Investment Index’ will reveal the real investment being made by Australian Companies in their people.

'Will common sense be defined by robots' - Nov 1st

Will common sense be defined by robots?

They offer the promise and the threat to take us over. But will our robot friends redefine our common sense of who we are?

2020 Vision Panel Event - Dec 6th

2020 Vision Panel

What will 2020 look like for us all? Join our panel event and hear from a few brave folk prepared to make a call.

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The ‘rules’ of #60MOC

The #60MOC Series has some simple rules to the game and session.


  • This is a collegiate environment and we support each other and respect the professional reputations of all
  • We’re generous with insight and share for the common goods
  • We aim to teach who to think not what to think
  • We’re fiercely independent and enjoy exploring new frontiers
  • We give back


After 150 sessions we must be doing something right

Our History

The #60MOC series started in 2015 as a result of our consultants offering to have a coffee with clients to explain a concept and share a piece of information that would help the  assignment.


Soon more and more people would join the session and voila the #60MOC series was born. Now the series is a full program and has become a platform for many high performing professionals to showcase their skills and insight.



And did we mention it is free?

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