About Us

We help organisations and individuals to reach their full potential.

Training Services

Let us build you a custom learning and development program to bring out the best in your people and enhance performance.

Talk to us about professional or individual programs to fully realise the potential of your people.

Project Resourcing

MCBI is known for our high quality contractors and skilled freelancers. We specialise in business analysts, project managers, developers and architects.


We’re proudly known for being the leaders in our field and our award winning platform, The Jungal, allows our organisations to source the very best available talent in the field.

Consulting Services

MCBI has 14 years and hundreds of client projects to demonstrate our skill and capability to support real change. Talk to us about innovation, change and evolving your business to the next stage.

Project Health

We have saved our clients many millions of dollars as we work to establish clarity in projects and create a common understanding.

Our accredited Project Health Reviewers work with our proven methodology to help client to transform with less risk and more ease.

Our Clients

01. Real Outcomes

MCBI cares about creating real results with every client project we undertake. From the initial scoping to the final delivery of your product, we're 100% focused on creating real outcomes for every person and organisation.

02. Unique

We never attempt to fabricate being creative, authentic or approachable - we simply embrace being 'unique' and live our positive values every day. We're proud of the way clients talk about our culture and atmosphere of MCBI.

03. Global Insight

If you're online then your global and we enjoy being the conduit to many new and innovative ideas from across the world. We relentlessly hunt new ideas and concepts to share with our clients and students.

04. Experienced

MCBI is home to some of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in Australia. Hundreds of years of knowledge creates a powerful pool of insight and know how that is second to none.