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03 June 2016

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How we help build your people

How we help build your people

Building capability is a privilege and takes skill

MCBI works with clients interested in developing skills and stronger capabilities within their organisation.

Our Human Capital Solution Team will work with you to create a plan to bring out the best in your people and enhance skills.

Bespoke Programs

Accredited MCBI Facilitators

MCBI verifies the skills and performance of our accredited facilitators which provides peace of mind to you.

MCBI Company Overview

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Is a bespoke plan better for us?

A bespoke corporate program can be a better way to build skills inside your business for a number of reasons:

  • Dedicated topics are crafted to meet the needs of the team at the right time
  • Aligns to schedules better
  • Have a dedicated briefing and needs analysis
  • Acts a method to build teams and unity
  • Cost effective alternative to disparate training
  • Unified change programs – no splitting of ideals

Bespoke Program inclusions

  • Needs Analysis with your team
  • Program Recommendations
  • Bespoke Instructional Design
  • Event Management
  • Accredited Facilitators
  • Post Session Reviews and Debrief
  • Custom designed materials
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Optional Global Accreditation with IIBA or PMI
  • Optional catering and room hire

Hover over client case studies

Major Capability Partner 2018 to 2019

MCBI and SA Water have teamed up to build a powerful capability enhancing program for all 1100 staff.

Approximately 40 session have been designed and rolled out over the company to great success.

Part of the 'Dare to Lead' Program

An innovative and exciting staff based program designed to improve general knowledge and increase the skills in the workforce.

MCBI is a proud contributor to the event series.

Improving Leadership Density

A small two year program designed to support the development of emergent leaders with Oreon.

Topics covered self awareness through to global cultural challenges.  A wonderful session and great value produced by all.

2Hr ‘Lunch & Learn’

With over 100 topics to choose from, you can build an exciting year long program for staff to upskill.


From Block Chain to Negotiation Skills we have a topic for your needs.

Half or One Day

Great format for a single or paired topic that will allow the team to absorb information well.


Fast, intense and no excuses for being too busy!

Two Days Plus

Whether it be a more substantive program held over two days or a detailed six month program, this option will help to build solid skills and broad knowledge.

Start with a base or build your own Staff Learning Experience

Customer Journey Mapping

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Developing a Growth Mindset

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Introduction to Project Management

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The Art of Negotiation and Deal Making

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Adaptive Leadership Program

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Effective Business Writing

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Mindfulness and Resiliency

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How to Manage Time and Meetings better

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Advanced Change Management

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How to use storytelling for lasting change

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Strategic Facilitation & Workshop Skills

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Agile First Principles in the workplace

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