Developing the capability

The easiest way to transform an organisation is through the people.

A considered and focused investment in the people of your organisation will provide significant and positive dividends. Staff investment will lead to better engagement, lower risk and high levels of service being extended to your customers and stakeholders. Talk to MCBI’s Human Capital Solutions and learn more about our successful programs to increase skills and enhance performance.

Human Capital Programs

Bespoke programs including Agile implementations

Company wide capability programs to increase skills and knowledge

High Performance Leadership Programs

The ‘Lunch and Learn’ series to increase knowledge and collaboration among staff

High performance mentoring programs for high potential staff

Research shows 40% of employees who don’t receive the necessary job training to become effective will leave their positions within the first year

70% of the respondents indicated that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job.

87% of millennials cite access to professional development or career growth opportunities as being very important to their decision of whether to stay or go

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