August #60MOC – ‘Why the biggest threat to cyber safety is you… And the person sitting next to you’

Date(s) - 02/08/2019

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Topic Overview

You cannot go far online and not come across a story about cyber security breaches, increased data management laws and new rules for privacy and online security. It is everywhere!

With the FBI now listing cyber criminals on their ‘most wanted list’, there is no doubt we’re in a world of fear and concern when it comes to cyber security. 

Stolen identities, fake news, political IT threats and stolen information published on the net all make us look at malware, data breaches and nasty sleeper code dug inside our information management systems. 


But what if this was just some of the story?


What if you cyber security is also being compromised by the person sitting right next to you? That’s right – the human.


That’s right – that person right there next to you could be a criminal.


Come along to the August #60MOC session from 8am to 9am and learn about cyber security and the fascinating role humans play in maintaining a breach free environment.


Join John Woodward as he takes us through current cyber security principles as he unpacks the more complex elements of humans and managing security in a data rich world.

The biggest threat to security is not some hacker far away in a foreign land – it is the person right next to you. Or maybe it is you!

What is #60MOC?

Adelaide’s Longest Business Improvement Series

Funky CBD Location

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14 years of awesome service

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Session Fast Facts

The journey of cyber safety

The human experience

South Australian experience

See you at 8am sharp!

Strictly 8am to 9am

Gold coin donation for charity appreciated

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No heckling (unless invited)

Free event

The #60MOC series is Adelaide’s Long Running Business Improvement Series and was developed to help out clients to better understand a key theme or concept.  we all know great consultants should be ahead of the knowledge curve but sometimes they can get a bit too far in front and rather than deliver an inferior consulting assignment we;d invite our clients along ‘for a coffee’ and we’d effectively teach something of value.

Then jump back into an amazing assignment.

14 years on, the #60MOC series remains proudly independent and has delivered over 220 free sessions. We’ve raised thousands of dollars for charity and have been created a serious platform for many high profile professionals to share insight for the South Australian business community.

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