Customer Journey Mapping – 11th November

Date(s) - 11/11/2019

RRP: $1,295.00 (ex GST)

Course Overview

The Journey Mapping course has been specifically developed to improve the skills and performance of all types of business process improvement initiatives.

The tools and templates that are provided as part of the course are flexible and adaptable to differing work environments. You may wish to map your employee experience, client experience, student experience, it’s limitless to how this can be used.

Course Overview

  • What is a journey map?
  • Creating a persona
  • Creating customer stages
  • Mapping touch points
  • Look at the ‘Big Picture’
  • How to prioritise using risk and customer satisfaction
  • Visualise the information
  • Using Agile to get the work done
  • Group discussions and activities

This course will be perfect for

  • Leaders of change
  • Business Analysts
  • Budding Data Scientists
  • Project Leaders
  • Product Owners, Facilitators
  • Those who are in the change management space who need to provide accurate requirements and have a desire to understand how a journey map can be used as an adjunct to requirements.

The session will allow the participants to return to their workplace and run powerful CX workshops within their own organisations, amplify their own value as the translator between the business and the delivery team and contribute to better projects.

Three great reasons why you’ll love doing this workshop

  1. You’ll learn how to map a customer or patient experience quickly and accurately
  2. You’ll improve your BA teams skill base and capability to support change
  3. You’ll be able to actively support your agile work and embedding the skills to become more agile