Developing a Growth Mindset

An introduction to Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset




10am to 12pm


As we learn more about the power of the mind, we have come to realise the extraordinary impact our mindset has on the way we accept information and deliver it to others. We now know that praise and encouragement will change the way we learn and even has a direct impact on quantity of information we call upon to make strong and informed decisions.

This session examines the needs of a change in mindset to create a change in the workplace.

‘I loved the interactive environment – it was fun whilst learning. Presenter was encouraging and had the ability to get everyone participating.’


2020 Corporate participant

Within hours you will learn about the substantial benefits of moving away from a fixed mindset and bringing yourself and teams towards a growth, opportunity driven mindset to enhance problem solving, collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

As one of our 2020 students declared ‘I appreciated the understanding of how to encourage a fixed mindset to grow’.

‘Great session that helped show the connection between science and leadership. Our senior leaders enjoyed the experience and the tools provided to help with focus.’


2019 Bespoke Client – Utilities Sector

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why this workshop is for you

  • Defining what fixed, mixed and growth mindsets are
  • The science behind learning and encouragement
  • The value of a growth mindset – personal and professional
  • Leading teams into a learning mindset
  • Tools and techniques for spreading the word
  • MCBI accredited instructor led
  • 2 hours of professional development units
  • IIBA Endorsed Education Provider
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • Private courses available

1. You have several innovation projects in the near future and are looking for ways to collaborate better

2. You’d like to unlock the potential of your team and avoid group think

3. You’re interested in collaboration and design in the workplace

4. You’d like to see your team embrace change and foster excitement by increasing curiosity and an appetite to learn

5. You have had issues with evaluating the possible options and are keen to explore methods to increase your mental resiliency

Have 6 or more people?


Enquire about having an inhouse or bespoke online session to improve a shared growth mindset within your organisation.

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