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Stop wasting your days! Do you have difficulty in managing your workload in the time you have set aside and want to improve your productivity? If so, this is the course for you! Come and learn how Google have transformed their whole business to maximise time and improve well being of staff.

A must for the busy professional who is trying to do more with less and minimise wastage without compromising quality.

You will learn how to use time in a more effective manner and achieve your professional goals with less strain and stress and guide others in the process. This interactive and insightful two hour session will allow you to add to your tool kit in terms of developing professional skills that will sharpen your performance and allow you to decrease your procrastination levels, wasted effort and get more bang for your buck by using time at work better.

Learn how large innovators use time differently

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5 reasons why this workshop is for you

  • Managing time as a resource
  • Identifying the causes and reasons behind time loss
  • How to classify your work and become a pro at prioritisation
  • Creating a control framework to avoid seepage
  • How to optimise your time and manage the team work behaviours for success
  • How to improve your focus on productivity, innovation and outcome
  • MCBI Accredited Instructor Led
  • 2 hours of Professional Development Units
  • IIBA Endorsed Education Provider
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Private Courses available
  1. You have difficulty in managing your workload in the time you have set aside and want to improve your productivity
  2. You find yourself regularly feeling as though you have things to do but not enough time to complete them
  3. You’d like to be able to explain to others you need more time to complete the work
  4. You wish to understand how to deal with time wasting activities that occur at work
  5. You wish to increase punctuality and gain professional repertoire

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Enquire about having a bespoke session to help all of your team manage their time and reduce stress.

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