Enterprise Architecture explained

Don’t be confused by the jargon

2 hour interactive webinar


Accredited MCBI Facilitator


Jun 15th, 2020


$59.95 plus GST

Enterprise Architecture has been on many people’s lips for over a decade yet has failed to gain the necessary credibility and positioning with senior leaders. Could this be because of the poor understanding and high level of ‘mumbo jumbo’?


Enterprise Architecture is a core principle of business analysis and transformation and offers a simple way to build road-maps and incrementally redesign existing businesses. This is an advanced topic for serious analysts or IT professionals.


Join us on June 15th online as we get to the core of EA and explain the evolution and where it is now. We will tackle the hard questions of value and strategy and provide an opportunity to ask a load of questions and seek advice on how to use this work with your business.

Increase agility, reduce solution delivery time and create a shared vision using enterprise architecture.

With our accredited facilitator  leading, we  will take you through the fundamental aspects of strong enterprise architecture and help improve your strategy and delivery skills.  A valuable 2 hour online session filled with practical tips that you will be able to use the very next day.

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why this workshop is for you

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • The core principles and uses of architecture
  • Roles and frameworks
  • Relationship to data management
  • The relationship to business architecture
  • MCBI accredited instructor led
  • 2 hours of professional development units
  • Digital certificate of achievement
  • Private Courses available
  1. You have a business analysis team who needs to work with enterprise architects
  2. You’d like to improve your BA output
  3. You have difficulty in navigating with Agile principles
  4. You’d like to learn a few simple techniques to increase your technical skill
  5. You need to increase the skill of your transformation team

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