How to be an Influential BA

Do you feel your technical skills are undermined by the people factor? Do you feel you’re unable to progress your initiatives due to the poor engagement of staff and stakeholders?

Join us for another chapter of the BA Toolbox as we examine some of the core people skills we need to be successful.

We will use the time to explore the power of stakeholder mapping, evaluating the decision makers in your area and how you, as a BA of influence, can develop a plan to create meaningful productive solutions. This session will help answer your questions and explain why sometimes it is the ‘people factor’ that is often the missing ingredient in great projects and change.

Join us and learn how to become a Business Analyst of influence and power. These simple tricks and tools will help you to grow into your role as a senior analyst with exceptional skills in people management and influence.

Let’s look at the role of ‘people’ within the role of a business analyst

It is all about the people

Join for all three parts of our BA toolbox of learning and upskilling

Course Content

Fast Facts

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Evaluating your Executive Sponsor
  • Managing people and creating teams
  • Highly interactive workshop
  • Instructor led by one of our dynamic accredited MCBI facilitators
  • 2 hours of professional development units
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • Small class sizes

Managing people is one of the most important skills of the modern business analyst.

Will you know to do it in 2021?

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