Leadership Skills for Technical Teams

Over a day we will provide an overview of understanding the difference between leading and managing a technical team. We know how different this is to more operational team structures.


To lead well you need to build credibility and trust as a leader. Motivating a technical team to success is critical to the overall success of your project and often the business you work for. This session will explore communication strategies and how to best managing teams according to skills, the daily demands and the change landscape of staff engagement.


You will learn strategies on how to develop yourself and help your team through positive coaching, understanding stress management, conflict resolution and dealing with difficult personalities. It is a jam packed and highly engaging day.

Every great corporate training course allows people to return to work and start using their knowledge the very next day. As a part of Leadership in Technical Teams, participants are provided with tools and techniques to use and adopt into their workplace right away.

Leading a technical team is simply different

Course Overview

Fast Facts

  • Individual profile for each participant
  • Dissecting high performance
  • Leadershipelements
  • Building connections within your team
  • Drivers of high performance
  • Feedback (Informal and Formal)
  • Communication styles
  • Team motivation techniques
  • Understanding different learning styles relevant to team dynamics (age, culture, gender)
  • Group discussions and activities
  • Full day session
  • Accredited MCBI Instructor Led
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • 6 hours of Professional Development Units
  • Full Catering
  • Private Courses Available

Have 6 or more people?

Enquire about running a specialised bespoke session to help improve the skills and leadership in your technical teams.