Leading with Lean Six Sigma





This three hour Executive Masterclass provides targeted training to allow you to lead lean and organisational improvement initiatives with confidence and skill.

This advanced session is perfect for organisations looking to increase the skills of their Executive Team to driven clear benefits and strategic improvements. We will be focusing the discussion around the core areas to consider when planning, executing and delivering bottom line change.

Participants will learn how to rapidly evaluate an improvement proposal and ensure the right people are leading change to create verifiable change. The session will introduce the core concepts of change and how to cut through change management and grow your business and people. This is the leadership view of removing waste, driving improvement and asking the pertinent questions.

The session will show you the core aspects of Lean and Six Sigma and benefits management. It is an advanced class and ideally participants will bring operational experience and knowledge in projects.


Lead successful lean initiatives and transform your organisation

Executive Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons to come along

  • When is Lean a perfect instrument for your business?
  • How to establish a Lean thinking culture
  • The core elements of Lean Six Sigma
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Ensuring you receive accurate information on progress
  • Delivered by an accredited MCBI Facilitator
  • 3 hours of Professional Development Units
  • Small class sizes for maximum impact
  • Digital Credentials issued
  1. You have challenges in extracting wasteful processes and systems
  2. You need to cut costs strategically and confidently
  3. You want to build a clearer business model
  4. You like to better understand how optimise
  5. You have a need to deal with many leaders who will be following the vision

Have 6 or more people?

Talk to us about running an inhouse Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Workshop.


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