Managing bias and discrimination better

2 hour interactive online masterclass


Accredited MCBI Facilitator


October 15th 2021


10:00 am to 12pm ACST


$89.95 plus GST

‘I found the message simple and easy to translate to the shop floor team without controversy. Makes for a happier workplace.’

VIP Client Sept 2019

Learn how to navigate the complexity of bias and discrimination in our changing world

There is no doubt this world has become more aware of the issues surrounding bias and discrimination Never have we had such a strong appetite to seek the best ideas, more harmonious environments and creating better engagement from all of our people.

This workshop, without judgement, poses the question about how we manage our bias and create better workplaces. What if our own unconscious bias is holding us back from hearing or seeing exciting opportunities before us or we are causing unintended conflict?

Unconscious bias is within all of us and we will never remove all elements, but we can work to understand how it may be influencing our own perceptions and impacting our decision making. Knowledge is power and self-awareness will improve your strength and leadership capability.

Join us as we take you through an interesting journey of our unconscious bias from a commercial and organisational perspective. During this highly interactive session you’ll be given an opportunity to explore concepts, numbers and how others are dealing with their own unconscious bias.

Workshop Overview

Fact Facts

  • Understanding what a bias is without judgement
  • Awareness of behaviours and clarifying impact at work
  • Understanding why we have unconscious bias and where it comes from
  • Learning tools to help each person to recognise their own bias
  • How to avoid impacting work and others by using as set of simple tools
  • Benefits of diversity – commercial, risk, innovation and customer service.
  • Two hour masterclass
  • Accredited MCBI Instructor Led
  • Digital credential
  • Private Courses Available
  • 2 hours of Professional Development Units