An Introduction to Mindfulness

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Mindfulness, an ancient practice that is now being proven by science to have many benefits. It can help staff to respond to change with less stress, think clearer and be able to take on the many distractions of a modern workplace.


Come along to this interactive and powerful workshop and be introduced to an assortment of emotional resiliency tools and strategies designed for health and maintaining well-being in the workplace.

Practicing mindfulness at work has proven to decrease employee absenteeism, boost creativity and innovation, team building and leadership development, reduce stress and build resilience, build emotional intelligence and increase workplace performance and productivity.

Globally, one in six people now has at least one mental disorder (over 1.1 billion people).

Course Overview

Fast Facts

  • What is mindfulness and how it is relevant and important to mental health and well-being
  • How multi-tasking is a myth and how uni-tasking will improve performance and depth of experience
  • Responsive skillful behavior to stressful situations and stress triggers rather than reacting in an unskillful way
  • How thinking and emotions effect your communication and relationships with others
  • Simple mindfulness practices and techniques to become calm under pressure and challenging situations


  • Instructor led by an MCBI Accredited Facilitator
  • Business focused content
  • Small class sizes
  • Digital Credentials issued

5 great reasons to join us

  • You’re looking for practical techniques to integrate and cultivate mindfulness into the working life
  • You’re curious about what this is and who it might be useful for
  • You’d like to offer your team some extra support as they move through the challenges of a busy work life
  • You have strong desire to build more capacity in your team
  • You’re an existing mindfulness advocate and would like to join others taking the journey

Have 6 or more people?

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