Neuroplasticity – February 20th

Date(s) - 20/02/2020

RRP: $375.00 (ex GST)

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Do you find yourself looking for better ways to lead people, create vision and produce successful plans that allow the business to become more competitive? All the while acknowledging the constant pressure to increase productivity and drive better bottom lines results? Are you looking for better ways to produce results and add a few more tools to your leadership kit bag amongst complex environments?

Then examining the power within your own mind with the help of neuroscience might be a part of the answer! This dynamic half day session will provide an introduction to the power of the mind, present the science behind great leadership, getting things done and unleashing a bit more of your potential.

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why this workshop is for you

• Introduce six key principles to help
you become a more brain savvy
• Assess and identify areas for
individual improvement
• Learn about the power of the mind
in a scientific sense
• How the brain and mind work
within teams
• Identify a key action for you to
focus leadership attention

  • MCBI Accredited Instructor Led
  • 3 hours of Professional Development Units
  • Certificate of Achievement
  1. You have an interest in the
    emerging area of neuroscience
    and leadership
  2.  You’d like to better understand how
    the mind and brain can be trained
    to work for you
  3.  You have a solid understanding of
    the behavioural aspects of
    leadership and want to expand the
  4.  You’d like your team to share the
    insight and build a knowledge
    based on science
  5.  You’d like to better understand
    your team and what makes them
    potentially tick

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