Process Mapping Fundamentals – September 17th

Date(s) - 17/09/2019

RRP: $375.00 (ex GST)

The learning experience

Our half day express training in Process Mapping Fundamentals will provide each student with a clear understanding of how to create a process map for the job at hand, gather the information to populate it and then facilitate the approval. Powerful, strong and easy to grasp the core elements for your business.

One of the most powerful skills of a modern business analyst is the ability to produce high quality process maps for their organisation. A well-constructed process map instantly reduces the risk of any project by engaging all stakeholders and creating a shared and accurate understanding of the business at hand.

Course Content

Fast Facts

  • Getting started with Process Excellence
  • Process Orientation
  • Process Levels – What are they and how do I find them?
  • The basics of great diagrams
  • Symbology
  • Uses & Abuses of process maps
  • Process Maps Types
  • Development process and sign off
  • Interaction with other BA tools including Capability Maps
  • Learn the fundamentals of Process Mapping
  • IIBA Endorsed Education Provider
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Private Courses available

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Introduction to Process Mapping

IIBA Accredited

5 Reasons Why You Should Come Along

  1. By creating good quality process maps you are reducing the risk of your project failure by minimising confusion as to what is happening and what will happen
  2. You want to have the core skills of a great business analysts
  3. You’d like to have a standard in your business for process management
  4. You have a need to accurately capture your process maps
  5. You want to been shown how to elicit process requirements, document these logically and then present to all stakeholders

Skilled Performance