Process Mapping Fundamentals

Date(s) - 18/02/2020

RRP: $375.00 (ex GST)

Looking for a course devoted to teaching you how to create effective Process Maps? Look no further.

One of the most powerful skills of a modern business person is the ability to read and produce high quality process maps for their organisation. A well-constructed process map instantly reduces the risk of any project or  misunderstanding by engaging all stakeholders and creating a shared and accurate understanding of the business at hand.

This half day express training in Process Mapping Fundamentals will provide each participant with a clear understanding of how to create an effective process map, gather the information to populate it and then facilitate the approval of the documents. We will show participants how to rapidly evaluate a process, which key questions to ask and then how to document the necessary elements.

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why you should come along

  • Process Orientation
  • Process Levels
  • How to use Diagrams
  • Symbology
  • Uses & Abuses of process maps
  • Process Maps Types
  • Development process
  • Half day highly interactive workshop
  • Morning tea provided
  • Instructor Led
  •  Small Classes
  1. You have a requirement to document processes in your work place
  2. You’re looking to enter a more technical aspect of the organisation
  3.  You have not had structured training and would like to reaffirm or consolidate your knowledge
  4. You sometimes get confused or concerned about what to process map and what not to
  5. You’d like to increase your workplace effectiveness

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