Building Stakeholder Management Skills





This one-day interactive session will take students through the critical concepts of identifying key stakeholders and planning how to best engage for success. We recognise we’re all different and the same approach for one person will not necessarily work with another to be skilled in gaining commitment we must understand how to support stakeholders.

This session is perfect for organisations looking to help their internal staff become better equipped in stakeholder management and  be targeted with communication and confidentially creating a strategy to support and deliver.

Building commitment and momentum

Participants will learn how a ‘high or low risk’ stakeholder is best dealt with and how they can meet the needs of a variety of people in an efficient manner. The session will introduce the core concepts of negotiation and how to gain business commitment, as well as assist students to better understand their role within.

At the conclusion of the session each participant will be able to present a stakeholder management plan and present an approach to gain commitment in a positive manner.

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons to come along

  • Creating a stakeholder management plan
  • How to engage a stakeholder for success
  • The core elements of negotiation
  • Stakeholder communication skills
  • Dealing with conflict and juggling varied viewpoints
  • The games people play
  • Deliver by an accredited MCBI Facilitator
  • Perfect session for government and large corporations
  • Small class sizes for maximum impact
  • Full catering
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Digital Credentials issued
  1. You have challenges in gaining sustainable business commitment
  2. You’d like to increase your negotiation skills and success rate
  3. You have a reluctance to challenge ideas because you’re not sure of the outcome
  4. You like to better understand how to create a stakeholder strategy for maximum results
  5. You have a need to deal with many people and create unity among them

Have 6 or more people?

Talk to us about running an inhouse Stakeholder Management Workshop.


Perfect for businesses working with regulators or external groups and want to build a united and positive engagement approach.