Strategic Facilitation & Presentation Skills

Is it time to improve your professional facilitation skills?




If you are serious about running great workshops and eliciting high quality information from attendees then you need to know how to run sessions with ease and confidence.

Come along to this sought after workplace training session and learn the tricks and slips of workplace facilitation with our highly experienced MCBI facilitators. They are going to show the tricks of professionals.

After a day of dynamic support during this workshop, you’ll leave ready to prepare a great workshop and conduct meaningful sessions with your cohort. This course will answer many of the questions left after management training, how to influence people and create understanding amongst stakeholder groups.  You will learn the tricks and slips of facilitation and you’ll leave ready to answer any project board or Executive group with ease.


Join the hundreds of people who have experienced this transformational session with MCBI.

“I had the pleasure of attending the workshop Strategic Facilitation & Presentation Skills.  I had some questions about how much I would learn since I had a teaching degree and 20 years teaching/training experience. As the day progressed I realised that there were quite a few techniques that I didn’t know and could really help me. I also was provided valuable feedback on how I could improve. The very next day, I had a day long workshop which I ran. By implementing what I learned, that was one of my best workshops in the last 6 months – and I teach weekly – I have no doubt that it was directly related to my learning with MCBI.

Thank you so much, team!! I am a better trainer because of you!”

Elena Muller, Corporate Trainer. 2020

“The session was great and we’re really pleased with the tangible outcomes and strategies which people are commenting they can implement straight away.”

Estee Kong, SAAB Australia. 2019


Course Content

Fast Facts

  • Communication principles
  • Presentation skills
  • Stakeholder management techniques
  • Preparing for a successful workshop
  • Managing nerves and skills
  • Facilitation ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Must Not Haves’
  • Workshopping tools & tricks
  • Dealing with difficult people & participants
  • Instructor Led
  • Interactive session
  • Small Class sizes for maximum support
  • Suitable for all level of skill
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • Full catering and support
  • CBD location

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