The Relentless Integrity™ Workshop





Tired of being told to find meaning to find your leadership mojo? Confused about the need for character and why we need to get bold and focused?

You are not alone and it feels like everywhere you look there is a new ‘method’ or approach to building leadership grit.

If these are not strong enough for your then maybe you’re ready for Relentless Integrity.


The demands on a modern workplace are more intense than ever and the emerging leadership skills include creating meaning, offering transparency and being open to growth. Resiliency, mindfulness and creating strong healthy relationships are critical to an organisations success in the future, but how can we prioritise all of this and still do our job well?

We’d challenge that maybe you can’t and instead you need to build a foundation with integrity as the concrete.

Join us for two days of insight and practical tips to help you to create a life and professional existence that withstands it all and helps you to live with relentless kindness, strength and integrity.

Please note this is a licensed model of leadership.

Building performance through modern leadership and deep integrity

‘Transformational Leadership’ is a modern and emerging leadership style in which leaders encourage, inspire and motivate employees to innovate themselves and create change that will help grow and shape the future success of the company. This is the next step forward beyond adaptive ideas and being vulnerable.

Developing leadership was identified to be the second most concerning topic for executives. How will we build leaders of tomorrow in the changing world? Those who can adapt, thrive and create resiliency in our organisations will be the winners. All agree, we need access to new skills shared by modern and contemporary facilitators.

A Harvard Business Review survey reveals 58 percent or people say they trust strangers more than their own boss.

Course Content

Fast Facts

  • What is a leading with integrity?
  • How to build shared commitment through integrity
  • The 10 commandments of a life of integrity
  • Creating meaning
  • Obstacles to our success – people, management and culture
  • Fostering a team of servant leaders
  • Dealing with the undesirable
  • Creating a future with brave focus
  • Two Days
  • Instructor led by an MCBI Accredited Facilitator
  • Suitable for all levels of management
  • Perfect for high potential staff entering the leadership realm
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • Mix and learn with others
  • Full catering and support

Have 6 or more high potential staff?

Maybe a bespoke program is the answer to building up your leadership capability in-house.

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Relentless Integrity™