The Unconscious Bias within





It has now become clear that most Unconscious Bias training simply doesn’t work and many businesses and participants are left wanting more. The content sometimes fails to address the core needs of a modern workplace that is trying to embrace diversity and help people to safely explore their own unconscious bias and develop a sensitivity to their neural pathways.

Join us for 2 hour express training workshop and enjoy a frank and challenging discussion regarding the power of the Unconscious Bias.  Share stories and examine the power of the hidden bias and determine whether our implicit bias is influencing our working environment.

The session will look at the core obstacles in opening up the diversity discussion and how to implement successful change in your organisation.

The Diversity Definition – The condition or fact of being different or varied; variety.

Traditional ‘Unconscious Bias Training’ tends not to work when it comes to creating strong change.

We need to understand the value of exploring our own internal frameworks if we are to create real change.

Course Content

Fast Facts

  • Learn how to rapidly diagnose your own business culture and the current views on diversity
  • Find the barriers to diversity, and yes they are legitimate and sensible
  • Why we should remain skeptical on training as a silver bullet
  • The true commercial imperative to breaking homogeneity
  • Tools for managing others and self as we unpack the diversity challenge
  • Highly interactive workshop
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • 2 hours of professional development units
  • Instructor led by an Accredited MCBI Facilitator
  • Digital Credentials issued
  • Small classes for maximum impact

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