Understanding the gig economy – Free

1 hour of interactive online facilitation


Accredited MCBI Facilitator


8:00 am to 9:00 am ACST


2nd July, 2021


Free Event

COVID has pushed the Gig Economy to a new level of participation and wider understanding of the benefits and drawbacks.

With the limitations of remote working now fully removed we can embrace the future of gig working as a legitimate option for careers and a new source of talent. Join us for this examination on the issues and trends associated with the newly matured gig economy in Australia and what it means to you.

This one hour online workshop will explore the new dynamic of working from anywhere and how the gig economy will be redefining our future business direction. If you are interested in the on demand world and how you can best harness unlimited resources then make sure you book a time and spot for this session.

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Fast Facts

5 reasons why you should join the #60MOC Movement

  • What is the gig economy?
  • The real statistics behind the hype
  • The role of people, teams and the future of work
  • Quality and the shift to mutual obligation
  • Impact on projects,  teamwork and product development
  • Fully independent
  • One of Australia’s longest running business improvement series
  • Free session
  • 1 hour of professional development units
  • Thought provoking topics
  1. You have a responsibility to support others
  2. You have a desire to learn basic, simple tools and techniques
  3. You are concerned with modern issues and themes
  4. You’d like to increase your awareness on current issues
  5. You want to be able to identify where the gig economy may be good for you

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