Transactional Analysis 101 – Free

1 hour of interactive online facilitation


Accredited MCBI Facilitator


8:00 am to 9:00 am ACST


4th of June, 2021


Free Event

Never have we needed to understand the human mind and our true potential than now. This little psychology sound bite will jump into the power of Transactional Analysis and the huge power it has on our well being and business relationships.

This one hour online workshop will explore some of the fundamentals elements of analysis when it comes to people and how we all interact. The session will be useful for everyone interested in values, change and better psychology to create better relationships.

Since 2005

Workshop Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why you should join the #60MOC Movement

  • What is transactional analysis
  • How to recognise the state of change
  • The impact on leadership
  • Bullying, bias and harassment
  • Intergenerational issues
  • Fully independent
  • One of Australia’s longest running business improvement series
  • Free session
  • 1 hour of professional development units
  • Thought provoking topics
  1. You have a responsibility to support others
  2. You have a desire to learn basic, simple tools and techniques
  3. You are concerned about staff coping and want to understand this better
  4. You’d like to increase your awareness on how to use psychology better
  5. You want to learn how to think for yourself

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