6 reasons why you use a consulting package

  1. You don’t have the skills in-house
  2. You don’t have the bandwidth or resourcing to do this work in house
  3. Your executive need an independent review and opinion
  4. You need a skilled expert position
  5. You’d like to expose your team to the latest trends and concepts
  6. You have a set budget

Improvement Package Inclusions

  • Kick Off Workshops
  • Bespoke Templates and Manuals
  • Benchmarking Study
  • Change Management Support
  • Bespoke Training Package
  • Close out and Executive Briefings

Business Capability Mapping

A set program using global standards to quickly illustrate the capability of your organisation.  We work with your staff to improve visibility and decision making skill.

Agile Maturity Assessment

An in-depth assessment to help position your business in the Agile Journey . The set assessment process will allow you to better understand strengths and weaknesses and where you sit among similar businesses.

Program Management

Far more than a set of templates and training programs, this package allows you to establish or refine your project management office into a strategic powerhouse.

Skills & Competency Assessment

Get an independent view of your delivery capability and discover the areas that might be holding you back. Set package to help kick start an improvement cycle.

Efficiency Service Reviews

Need a good ole fashioned review of efficiency and productivity levels? We have a number of set programs that will surface problem areas in the business and target improvement.

Innovation Framework

Looking to establish an innovation model to engage staff and customers into your strategic direction? Why build when you can roll in a full framework in six weeks? Full templates, change management and training included.