Project Health Reviews

Get a better look at project value

Our independent Project Health Check will assist by providing insights into delivery throughout the whole lifecycle and how value is being created – or not.

Our proven & focussed assessment examines delivery health and provides an unbiased report designed for Executives to easily act upon.

Each year Australian organisations embark on initiatives to improve performance, comply with regulations or seize an opportunity for great innovation.

But the grim reality is in Australia an estimated $120 Billion per year or 8.9% of GDP is lost to project failures or unhealthy delivery practises.

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Lending Transformation

Four large scale reviews conducted on projects values at over $AUD25.

Strategic program re-alignment and millions of dollars of savings achieved through targeted insight.

National Program

Six week program that combined upskilling, review and coaching. Huge success as staff positively supported to run projects with less risk and greater output.

Transformation Projects

Two significant programs, pivotal to the success of People’s Choice, were successfully reviewed.


Less risk, better team engagement and a successful project going forward.