Become an MCBI Affiliate Partner

Searching for ways to improve services & develop additional revenue?

MCBI Learning and Development offers an exciting Affiliate Partner Program to help grow your business profitably by easily adding learning and development to your business.

Simply join the program and refer your clients to our award winning programs using your custom code. Instantly broaden your services with over 100 live global events available for promotion.

Forget trying to fill your workshops up with paying customers and wasting time delivering single themed workshops. Take a look at just some of the premium masterclasses you can now offer to your clients.

Online, In house and Instructor Led

  • Introduction to Change Management
  • Agile Fundamentals
  • Having challenging conversations
  • The Art of Delegation
  • Contemporary Time Management
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Women in Leadership
  • Adaptive Leadership Skills
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Effective Business Writing
  • Developing Emotional Resiliency
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Developing a Growth Mindset
  • Block-chain and using smart contracts
  • Building Innovation in your business
  • Customer Experience and Journey Mapping
  • Presentation and Workshop Skills
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Unconscious Bias for your business
  • Leading Technical Teams
  • Understanding Enterprise Architecture
  • Process Mapping
  • Better Business Analysis
  • Advanced Business Analysis
  • Managing Stakeholders
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Understanding Earned Value
  • Understanding Neurosplasticity

Award winning programs

Benefits to your business

  • Generous commissions paid for every placement
  • Diversify revenue streams and build a stronger business
  • Offer more complete and complex solutions to customers
  • Compete with international firms vying for your customers business
  • Increase your position as a trusted advisor with your clients
  • Reach new markets and customers
  • Easy to manage process with sales management support

Benefits to your clients

  • Privileged access to premium corporate training
  • Build off of an existing supplier relationship and expand options
  • Gain discounts for high quality solutions to improve people and skills
  • Global training service provider
  • Great array of modern, credentialed corporate training
  • Enhance staff morale and engagement
  • Minimise costly staff turnover by providing learning and development solutions
  • Reduce risk and workplace issues by providing up to date fast training options
  • Improve customer service and sales effort
  • Increase company profitability with higher performing staff

Generous commissions

Increase customer loyalty

Diversify revenue streams

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Have a look through the FAQs

The MCBI Affiliate Program is offered to approved applicants as a one year program.


The program entitles the MCBI Affiliate Partner to the following features and benefits:


  1. Able to resell over 100 learning and development events each year
  2. A standard 15% customer discount will be applied to all full priced bookings paid online when your customer use your unique Partners code.
  3. A 30% commission will be paid to the Partner based on all full price paid bookings made online at and using their unique Affiliate Partner Code.
  4. Commissions will be paid once the event has been completed so as to avoid cancellation refunds and the potential claw-back of funds.
  5. Each approved MCBI Affiliate Partner will receive a complimentary $AUD100 learning credit to attend an online learning experience. This credit can only be applied to online 2 hours Masterclasses.
  6. Once approved, the Affiliate Partner will be issued an official ‘MCBI Affiliate Partner’ digital badge that officially recognises the status of the partner. This credential can be displayed on the partners website and social media for the term of the Partnership.
  7. The Affiliate Partner will be invited to attend a complimentary online marketing and sales workshop each quarter to help with sales campaigns and tips to increase selling success
  8. The Affiliate Partners logo and contact details will be displayed on the MCBI Partner page without additional cost. You may wish to use this marketing to briefly describe your other services and gain more customers.

This is just the beginning of our relationship and we’re here to help you to grow your own business and develop great customer relationships with wonderful services.

Once approved, you will be issued an Affiliate Partner Starter Pack to help you to kick start your new business stream and gain the attention of customers


This will include:


  • Announcement Pack 
    1. Draft press release for you to customise and distribute according to your marketing strategy
    2. Social Media suggestions and graphics for your own social media to promote the expansion of your services
    3. Advice on key messages for your clients
    4. Invite to four sales and marketing events to help with coaching and skill development
  • Brand Pack
    1. Your MCBI Learning and Development Affilate Partner Logo, suitable for use on brochures and websites
    2. Issuance of an official digital badge from the Acclaim Digital Credential platform. This will allow you share your new status across Linked In and connect with other clients and build profile for your whole business
  • Set Up Pack
    1. Instructions on how to use your code with clients
    2. Confidentiality Agreement and permission to use your logo on our website
    3. Payment details to issue commissions to



This code will allow your customers to purchase training online at a 15% discounted rate off the recommended retail price and for commissions to be easily traced back to your business and paid promptly into your financial institution. 

We work with a number of talented facilitators to deliver great learning experiences globally


MCBI Learning and Development does occasionally partner with other training organisations or high quality facilitators to deliver guest events. These events are scrutinized for quality, content and relevance and the skill of the facilitator examined to ensure we maintain our quality and continue to meet our clients needs.

The Submission Process also encourages feedback from the client community to develop seek new materials and events that reflect the modern workforce.

This submission process is not a part of the Affiliate Program, but the events are included in the potential offering you can offer your clients. You can submit your course and concept via our Masterclass Submission Form.

There is no limit to the amount of classes your client can attend


They can reuse your unique Affiliate Partner code as many times as they wish. You will receive commissions generated from this code for as long as you remain an MCBI Affiliate Partner.

There are five common sense exclusions to be aware of


The following exclusions apply to the MCBI Affiliate Partner program and will not contribute to your commission structure:


  1. Individuals who already hold an MCBI Passport are not eligible to generate commissions for partners.
  2. Clients who are a recipient of an MCBI Community Grant and are using a learning credit from the grant monies to attend the course.
  3. Any online session that has already had a discount applied will not be eligible to generate a commission. 
  4. Rescheduled clients who were unable to attend the original intended session and need to join a different event at no cost.
  5. When the MCBI Affiliate Partner is redeeming their Learning Credits as a part of their Kick Off.


If you are unsure of the eligibility of the placement to generate a commission, please contact the MCBI Crew 

There are no additional fees for being a part of the program


Your Affiliate Partnership Program entitles you to:

  1. Four quarterly events to share tips in sales and customer promotion
  2. Commission Management and payments
  3. One free social media posting per year to promote your business
  4. Your business logo displayed on the MCBI Learning and Development Affiliate Partner page with a link to your business


Should you wish to renew your Affiliate Program the ongoing fee is $AUD99.95  plus GST per year.

MCBI Learning and Development provide a sales and marketing plan for Affiliate Program Members


MCBI Learning and Development offers support to help your organisation to sell and market the program. Our support will provide a simple tool box to demonstrate the benefit of using your business and our products as a support to this.

You will be provided brochures, invites to exclusive VIP online workshops to discuss selling techniques and how to best position value propositions.

MCBI Learning and Development will pay a flat 30% commission of the ticket price to your nominated bank account.

You will be paid into your nominated financial institution


We offer a direct bank transfer or PayPal and will be set up at your commencement.

If a students has paid in full, but fails to attend without due reason, MCBI will still pay the commission earned on the original sale


If the student has paid for their event but is unable to attend on the scheduled day MCBI, at our sole discretion may offer the student a new placement at a different event time-slot for the same event.

This may be offered if the client is ill or a genuine emergency occurs on the day of the event and prevents legitimate attendance; but we stress this is at our sole discretion as changes to attendee numbers impact the class dynamics. This option will require advice given to MCBI prior to the published event time.

Yes, the Affiliate Partner code applies to all face to face training as well


With recent global events many of the Face to Face events have been postponed or cancelled until further notice, but we expect this to be restored as soon as practical.

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming events

Yes, your unique code will remain active and earn you commission for the duration of your MCBI Affiliate Partner Program.


Each time your discount code is used for a booking a commission will be payable to the holder. Codes will be deactivated at the end of memberships.

We hope your customers will so satisfied they will come back many more times and you will receive repeat commissions.