MCBI is a specialist in work force skill development and will work with your team to create meaningful change through skill development, culture enhancement and introducing new and powerful ways of thinking and curated knowledge.

Our end to end offering provides the necessary tools to allow you to develop a strategic workforce plan and upskill your staff. From the initial needs assessment though the development of specialised learning experiences, you will be well positioned to improve performance and enhance workplace well being.


Arrange a one on one session to learn more about how your business can transform through people.

At MCBI, we work with our clients to help strengthen their own internal skills base and plans to develop performance.


We provide proven change frameworks, global methodologies and access to our accredited network of people to help your business to prosper through your own staff.

We really value the partnership we have developed with MCBI over the last four years and our staff have gained many skills and competencies.

The combination of creativity and customer service really helps us to offer exceptional opportunities to our staff.

Financial Corporate Client – 2020

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