Capability Building

Are you frustrated at the skill level of your team and looking for innovative and fresh methods to introduce new skills and competencies?


We offer a full end to end bespoke training management system to help increase skills and¬† the organisational performance by bringing out the best in your own people. Don’t change your people, just change your people with high quality corporate training solutions.

Clients value our 15 years of experience, award winning service and professionalism.

‘Working with MCBI was an absolute pleasure from start-to-finish. I initially reached out to them with an idea for a course on helping my team of Analysts transition from a more traditional to an agile working environment. MCBI were only too happy to help and made the process of developing the course extremely easy.’

Neil Titterington, 2020. Financial Services.

Technical and Innovation

Express Modules

  1. Introduction to Agile
  2. Introduction to process mapping
  3. Core concepts of cyber security

How to achieve more

Half day to get the team started

  1. Introduction to mindfulness
  2. Creating emotional resiliency  within
  3. Mastering time management
  4. The art of delegation
  5. Introduction to negotiation
  6. Challenging conversations at work
  7. Effective business writing
  8. Running effective meetings
  9. Setting up an office kan ban

Developing potential

Half day sessions to enhance leadership and strategy

  1. Managing the unconscious bias
  2. How to successfully report project risk
  3. Developing a growth mindset
  4. Understanding neuroplasticity for work

Companies with trained staff perform on average 25% higher with less rework and happier clients than those that have no training strategy.

One day to dive into a topic

  1. Customer Journey Mapping
  2. Agile Product Owner
  3. Introduction to Project Management
  4. Introduction to Block Chain
  5. Cyber Security Awareness

Key skills for the team

  1. Mindfulness and emotional resiliency
  2. Mastering delegation
  3. The art of negotiation
  4. Strategic workshopping skills
  5. Consultative Selling Techniques

Mastering an important technique

  1. Strategic workshopping Skills
  2. Professional presentation skills
  3. Managing stakeholders
  4. Building a high performance team

Taking the knowledge back into the business

  1. Better Business Analysis
  2. Agile Business Analysis
  3. Agile Fundamentals
  4. Change Management
  5. Enterprise Architecture
  6. Welcome to Lean Six Sigma
  • Have a known leadership skills gap
  • Satisfied with the leadership skills

Invest in your leadership

  1. Transformational Leadership Program
  2. Leading change in others

Three days to become an in-house champion

  1. Advanced Better Business Analysis
  2. Advanced Change Management and Innovation
  3. Enterprise Architecture and Analysis
  4. Lean Six Sigma program and product development