The people of MCBI are a wild and free thinking bunch of sought after professionals. They cover a broad array of skills and industry expertise and all share a passion for helping clients and students to succeed.

Whether they be our accredited facilitators, mentors, consultants or management consultants we’re proud of the talent and nature of these wonderful people.

A team of professionals

MCBI has a core team of professionals who operate as a strong team to deliver project outcomes for your business. Please note not all staff pictured.

Accredited MCBI Facilitators and Mentors

Our MCBI accreditation process ensures we work with the most talented and inspiring talent available.

On Demand Resourcing – Welcome to the Jungal

Through our Jungal platform, the MCBI Gigster/Freelancer community continues to grow. Talk to us about registering and becoming a verified Gigster and enjoy working for great clients at great rates.

Contact Us to register as a freelancer