Case Studies

MCBI has a long list of successful implementations and the delivery of outstanding workforce development solutions. As a strategic learning and development partner, the MCBI team provide key advice and support to help achieve strategic objectives.


Our end to end offering promotes a sense of innovation and allows the power of bespoke to help shape individual and business performance. We provide strategic advice, consulting, instructional design, creation, delivery and performance reports.


We’re known for our global content and capability to support the positive transformation of businesses through people and targeted skill development.

Data driven insight

Strategic Planning

Instructional Co-design

Accredited Facilitation Network

Event Management

Blended Learning

To create a program that will produce a wide understanding of Agile and improve the skills and knowledge among 600 staff. This work will help the business to evolve and transform core functions through better skills, less confusion on project execution and team work.

SA Water is a large utility based in South Australia and provides water services to the State. The workforce is a diverse mix of function and brings with it differing ages, roles and capabilities. The business had a history of cost saving and challenged projects.

The two year program of work covered a series of educational, coaching and executive briefing sessions. The accredited MCBI facilitator in an international speaker on Agile and brought with them global insight and passion.  The program elements included instructional design, delivery, event management, data and analytics and end to end account management.

Over 200 staff were trained across the business in the areas of Product Ownership, Agile Fundamentals, Agile Procurement and The Agile Executive. The program achieved an 91% satisfaction rating and improved the skills and performance of the business.

  • Leading People
  • Leading Self
  • Leading the business

To build the leadership capability and broaden the skill set of a number of technically skilled people. Our goal is to build leadership and extra skills and knowledge to allow the strength of th business to grow and grow.

Oreon Partners is a dynamic and rapidly growing  Australian accounting and financial services team. Led by a team of experienced financial experts in Adelaide, Australia, the group have expanded their offerings and now have an international team behind them. The sector is traditionally conservative, risk adverse with a heavy focus on technical accounting knowledge.

The two year program of work covered a series of bespoke workshops for the leaders of tomorrow. The group have worked together and learnt an array of skills and competencies including the art of delegation, negotiation skills, giving feedback and how to better understand your own communication styles.

The program has now become a staple and core part of the leadership pathway. They have grown as individuals and expanded as a team. The practical nature of the program has helped build a better model and given them tools to leverage immediately.

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