How to have courageous conversations





Has there ever been a time when we have needed the skills to have crucial conversations in your team? Dealing with avoidance, denial and push-backs is the hard work of leading in challenging and complex situations. Accepting the responsibility as a leader means creating the space for people to feel safe to speak up.

This 2 hour express training in crucial, challenging or difficult conversations will provide each participant with the tools to equip them for all sorts of behaviors and attitudes that they may encounter as a leader on their journey of discovering the rainbow of personalities and situations that the work environment can provide.

The testing part of leadership is often in the need to have challenging conversations with colleagues and staff members. It can be the point where leaders step back or away. As great leaders we need to create a space for our people to feel safe to speak up. This course will show to you how to do it.

Ideal participants

Managers & Leaders

Project Delivery Teams

Boards and Advisory Groups 

HR teams 

Client facing staff

Suitable for all levels of experience

Course Content

  • What is a difficult conversation?

  • What makes it so hard?

  • The benefits of learning how to have difficult conversations

  • Constructive vs damaging feedback

  • Impact on teamwork and leadership

Fast Facts

  • Highly interactive workshop

  • Digital Credentials issued

  • 2 hours of professional development units

  • Instructor led by an Accredited MCBI Facilitator

  • Small classes for maximum impact

5 reasons why you should come along

  1. You have a responsibilities or a position that require you to have these challenging conversations

  2. You have not had structured training in dealing with attitudes and behaviour and would like to reaffirm or consolidate your knowledge

  3. You are concerned about offending or providing nonconstructive feedback

  4. You’d like to increase your awareness on what ques to acknowledge and how to handle them accordingly

  5. You want an open and comfortable team environment

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