Process Mapping 101





Process mapping helps to define roles and responsibilities in business processes and ensure they’re clearly understood by all participants. Process maps provide insight, help teams brainstorm ideas for process improvement, increase communication and provide valuable process documentation. Process mapping will identify bottlenecks, repetition and delays and allow you to guide teams to continual improvement and business excellence.

This 2 hour express training will take you through the basics and present a simple easy method to learn how to gather critical information and document in a powerful way to all stakeholders. This session will help you to improve your analytical skills and approach to business mapping and design.

Ideal participants

Business Analysts


Boards and Advisory Groups 

HR teams 

Operational staff

Suitable for all levels of experience

Course Content

  • What is a process map vs procedure

  • Using symbols effectively

  • Creating Flowcharts, Block and Swimlanes

  • Legends and visual displays

  • Mistakes and errors in mapping

Fast Facts

  • Highly interactive workshop

  • Digital Credentials issued

  • 2 hours of professional development units

  • Instructor led by an Accredited MCBI Facilitator

  • Small classes for maximum impact

5 reasons why you should come along

  1. You have to document key process in a unified manner 

  2. You’d like to improve the capability of your operational teams

  3. You have a few old documenting habits you’re keen to address

  4. Your business is seeking ways to create clarity of their business operations

  5. You have a major change program underway and want to document the changes for staff 

Have 6 or more people?


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