The Art of Great Delegation

2 hour interactive online masterclass


Accredited MCBI Facilitator


10:00 am – 12:00 pm ASCT


March 24th, 2021


$89.95 plus GST

Are you looking for proven ways to increase your skills and personal career performance?  Tired of looking at the pile of work and not getting anywhere fast? Maybe you feel a bit overwhelmed by the quantity of work and face challenges with getting your team to help you to achieve the goals of the organisation.

If this sounds like you, maybe it is time to refresh your skills with great delegation.

The role of the modern workplace requires exceptional skills in collaboration. delegation and being able to engage people in meaningful and productive ways.

We simply need to manage work better and in a more modern manner. The Art of Delegation provides a critical insight into this competency and one every professional needs to master.

Come along to this online workshop and learn how to better delegate your tasks and improve your personal and team efficiency through better professional skills.

Improve your own performance

Learn how to delegate with ease

Course Content

Fast Facts

5 reasons why this workshop is for you

  • The concept of delegation as a technique for the workplace
  • Tasks that are appropriate for delegation and those that are not
  • How to monitor the tasks and check in with people successfully
  • The broader context of delegation; you’ll better understand how it can work for you even if you do not have direct reports – great delegation is for all teams and between all people!
  • Instructor Led
  • Interactive session and offers a chance to workshop real ideas
  • Small Class
  • Suitable for all audience types
  • Internationally Accredited Education Provider
  • Digital Credentials issued
  1. You have difficulty in establishing who to delegate which tasks to
  2. You find yourself being frequently overwhelmed by your workload
  3. You’d like to be able to provide growth to your team by offering opportunities to try new tasks
  4. You wish to learn more about successful delegation
  5. You wish to know where other leaders might be going wrong with delegation to know what to avoid

Have 6 or more people?


Enquire about having a bespoke session to help all of your team manage their time and reduce stress.