Workforce Development Training – ADL

Two Full Days




August 5th & 6th 2024


$3295 plus GST


Limited placements

Are your struggling to clarify your Employee Value Proposition and address the issues that may be impacting your ability to attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace? Confused as to how to manage a changing workforce composition for optimal performance?

This two-day limited placement workshop is suited to those with an interest, concern or passion for great workforce development and want the practical skills to transform from within. This strategic learning experience is a combination of the latest research with tested tools in organisational development, talent development and transformation.

Being able to authentically evaluate your organisation through the eyes of your staff will allow you to fully appreciate the experience you offer. With a new perspective, you will be guided through a series of design techniques to help you to identify key areas of improvement and create aligned solutions to allow you to work towards a thriving employee experience.

Learn how to build a workforce development blueprint

Create an internal consulting capability 

Learn how to :

  1. Assess workforce capability plans
  2. Produce strategic plans for leadership
  3. Initiate workplace levelling plans
  4. Create culture levers
  5. Tackle performance & development
  6. Examine continual improvement & innovation

Ideal for :

  1. People & Culture Leaders 
  2. C Suite Team 
  3. Analysts working with resource planning 
  4. Strategic Planners
  5. Internal consultants 
  6. Finance Analysts
  7. Continual Improvement Teams

Course Content

Industry Expert Guests

Two interactive days to create your workforce development strategy

  1. Current global challenges attracting great staff & talent


  2. Introduction to organisational design principles


  3. Talent & skill composition including forecasting plans


  4. Leadership & skill management – Cascading the culture


  5. Dealing with intergenerational change & friction


  6. Innovation & continual improvement management with the workforce


  7. Understanding and mapping your Employee Value Proposition


  8. Managing the exiting employee – From redundancy to ‘quiet quitting’


  9. ESG, Equality & Diversity – Building the core aspects of diversity to create a more equal environment


  10. Culture and performance – How to align to individual purpose

Build a quality workforce strategy & tackle the resourcing challenges

Fast Facts

  • Two day highly interactive workshop

  • Instructor led by one of our dynamic accredited MCBI facilitators

  • Guest presenters to cover legal & ESG elements

  • 20 hours of professional development including case study

  • Digital Credentials issued

  • Full catering and support

  • Small class sizes

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