The MCBI Training Passport


The MCBI Passport entitles the owner to attend any MCBI Training event for 12 months. This includes all online workshops, face to face public training and VIP guest events.

This will allow the owner of the Passport to map out a year of customised professional development and choose from up to 100 events covering everything from business analysis to emotional intelligence. This will be your year to embrace microlearning and self development to open up more career opportunities base on what you know.

For businesses, the MCBI Passport is an easy way to outsource your staff’s learning and development needs and allow them to feel empowered and connected to their own development plan. By allowing individual choice you can expect your staff to be more committed and choosing learning pathways that build their own performance.

Excludes all bespoke training and professional mentoring packages.


Purchase the 12 month MCBI Passport and enjoy unlimited credentialed training

Choose from over 30 programs and 100 events each year to help improve your skills and professional performance through targeted training and workshops. No need to ‘fake it until you make it’ when you can build a solid portfolio of credentials and achievements.


With the MCBI Passport you will be able to:

  • Save time and money with your professional development investment
  • Provide easy options to staff to allow them to continue their development and choose their own areas of passion
  • Access global training with a modern focus
  • Build an online digital credential portfolio to share with employers and your community
  • Request new skills to MCBI for development
  • Work beyond the single focus of smaller training offerings
  • Increase the number of training events you attend throughout the year and explode your skill base

Variety of modern formats for your lifestyle

Choose any of the following formats to suit your lifestyle and individual learning needs:

  • Microlearning – including two hour live online workshops
  • One day face to face tuition style learning
  • Two day face to face tuition style learning
  • Three day intensive training 
  • Premium content on YouTube and Facebook


  1. All courses booked by the Passport holder must be completed fully within the year of the membership period. No future bookings will be allowed.
  2. The MCBI Passport is for an individual and is strictly non transferable.
  3. A two part payment plan is offered in good faith, but failure to pay the agreed amount in the specified period will result in the Passport service being cancelled and all bookings immediately  suspended until such time payments are cleared.
  4. No other discounts will apply.
  5. The MCBI Passport holder understands the agreement cannot be cancelled and a refund issued.
  6.  MCBI reserves the right to cancel or suspend an MCBI Passport agreement should a holder book into sessions and persistently not show up. This impacts the lessons constructs and other participants.

Experience the difference of our accredited trainers and experts

MCBI Learning and Development only works with Accredited MCBI Facilitators who are skilled in delivering great content in an engaging and professional manner. All of the team work to a code of contact centered on the performance and engagement of their participants and ensuring we support every individual to reach their potential.

We know people make a difference and we only work with the best.

Additional information

12 Month Training Membership

Unlimited training spots, All sessions come with digital credentials, Use 2020 to rapidly upskill