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Stakeholder Management & Developing Business Commitment – December 13th

This one-day interactive session will take you through the critical concepts of identifying your key stakeholders and planning how to best engage for success.

Strategic Facilitation and Workshop Skills – December 5th

Do you have trouble extracting key information from stakeholders? Strategic Facilitation and Workshop Skills will not only teach you this, but also the crucial skill of being able to facilitate important discussions.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping – November 11th

Did you know 84% of Australian organisation are now pursuing Customer Journey Maps as way to improve service unite staff and create a better customer experience? But do you know how to create a meaningful map? Join us for a dynamic one day workshop and leave inspired and skilled.

Leadership in Technical Teams – November 4th

The learning experience Over this 1 day we will provide an overview of understanding the difference between leading and managing a technical team. To do this you need to build credibility and trust as a leader. Motivating a team to success is critical to the overall success of your project, along with communication strategies and [...]

The Power of an Unconscious Bias – October 21st

The learning experience Never have we had such a strong appetite to seek the best ideas, innovative concepts and engagement from our people. But what if our own unconscious bias is holding us back from hearing or seeing exciting opportunities before us? Unconscious bias is within all of us and we will never remove all [...]

The Art of the Deal – November 15th

Do you have difficulties in getting what you want? Have challenges asking for things directly and with positive confidence? This is a highly valuable course to expand your professional skill set and build strong competencies with tip top negotiation and helping you to get what you want and what you need to succeed.

The Art of Delegation – November 29th

Would you like to learn how to delegate successfully? Collaboration is so important in modern business – come along to this session to learn why and how to be a great leader!

November #60MOC – ‘Will common sense be defined by robots?’ with Ali Anderson

Will common sense be defined by robots? They offer the promise and the threat to take us over. But will our robot friends redefine our common sense of who we are?

December #60MOC – ‘Our 2020 Vision’ with Guest Panel

What will 2020 look like for us all? Join our panel event and hear from a few brave folk prepared to make a call.

Mindfulness and Emotional Resiliency – 6th November

Are you struggling with the stresses of everyday work? Come along to Mindfulness and learn techniques on how to harness and redirect negative energy.

PMI Accredited – Agile Fundamentals – November 7th & 8th

Are you just beginning your Agile journey? Come to this session to learn how Agile will help build your business this year.

Transformational Leadership – Jan 20 & 21

To be a successful organisation moving forward, Adaptive Leadership is a must have skill. Let us teach you how to be the catalyst for change, by enabling and supporting the transformation process.

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