Developing a Growth Mindset

  • July 5th 2024


  • Highly interactive workshop – no recordings


  • 10 am to 12 pm ACST


  • Booklets & course materials supplied


    Accredited MCBI Trainer


  • $399 plus GST

As we learn more about the power of the mind, we have come to realise the extraordinary impact our mindset has on the way we accept information and deliver it to others. We now know praise and encouragement will change the way we learn and even has a direct impact on quantity of information we call upon to make strong and informed decisions. We all need to know how to do this at work!

The two hour session examines the needs of a change in mind to create a change in the workplace. Within a short amount of time you will learn about the substantial benefits of moving away from a fixed mindset and bringing yourself and teams towards a growth, opportunity driven mindset to enhance problem solving, collaboration and innovation in the workplace.

Ideal attendees

New leaders


Project Managers


Agile Teams|


Technical Design Teams


Individuals looking for growth


Digital & Transformation Teams

As many as 40 percent of people have a


fixed versus growth mindset.


These people tend to give up easily,


resent the success of peers,


and feel pressure to prove their intelligence time and again.


Course Content

  • Instructor Led – not a recording 

  • Online Masterclass

  • Interactive session and offers a chance to workshop real ideas

  • Suitable for all audience types – entry to advanced

  • Internationally Accredited Education Provider

  • Digitally credentialled

Fast Facts

  • Defining what fixed, mixed and growth mindsets

  • The science behind learning, progress & encouragement

  • The value of a growth mindset – personal and professionally

  • Leading teams with mental safety and resiliency 

  • Tools and techniques for enhancing culture 

5 reasons why you should join us

  1. You want to understand the success principles of growth mindset 

  2. You want lead people better and build mental strength

  3. You have a complex change to manage or lead

  4. You want to reduce risk, rework and errors at work

  5. You have a desire to create a more harmonious workplace. 

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Developing a Growth Mindset

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